Monday, 16 February 2015

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer, Dealers & Suppliers in Delhi, India

The purpose of Servo voltage stabilizer is to receive a fluctuating AC voltage of low or high amplitude & deliver an almost constant voltage, at the output. The voltage variations, which have become a common phenomenon in power supply systems, cause havoc in modern advanced electronic equipments. The Servo voltage stabilizers are meant to take care of this problem. They avoid breakdown, ensure longer life of the equipments & save in energy during high incoming voltages. ABPPOWERS is the best Servo Voltage Stablizer dealers & Suppliers in Delhi India.

ABPPOWERS bring forth high efficiency Servo Micro Processors for single phase as well as three phase 
applications. Our servo voltage stabilizers are exclusively and precisely designed to protect various costly electric equipments from harm caused during high/low voltage fluctuations and provides them optimum performance. Servo voltage stabilizers are used in Air Conditioning Plants, medical Equipments, Mall & Commercial Complex, Escalators & Elevators, Pharmaceutical Industries and much more info visit:
Key Features:-
  •  Fast Correction rate and very high efficiency.
  •  Works over wide input frequency range and no waverform distortion.
  •  Specially designed high performance I.C. based control circuit for ultra high reliability.
  •  uto / Manual operation facility.
  •   Stabilizers are subject to routine and type testes in accordance with latest BIS standards (BIS: 9815-94)
  •   Unaffected by Load Power Factor.

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