Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Servo Voltage Stabilizers Suppliers

Servo VoltageStabilizer are mostly a 3 phase, distortion-free, automatic controllers which control voltage fluctuations and provide constant voltage output with +/- 0.5% accuracy. These automatic controllers are available in capacities of 5 KVA up to 2500 KVA to suit the input voltage variations and requirements of individual customers. Servo VoltageStabilizer  include electronic or electromechanical components to regulate one or more AC or DC.  You can Use Clubs, Hotels, Commercial Buildings & Multiplexes and Residential Apartments, Servo Voltage Stabilizer are highly efficient and maintain constant voltage output if the load current varies. ABP Powers is the Best Servo Voltage Stabilizer  Suppliers  in Delhi Ncr.
Highly efficient
Energy saving
Balanced output, irrespective of input unbalance
Constant output, despite load current variations
Steady, quick and accurate correction of voltage
Reducing heating of equipment and increasing their service life